the journey of woulja

going to my dads tomorrow

im excited


boring day

football game tonight



k's friend is crying on the floor


i don't know

i just feel bad today, like i want nothing to happen, nothing at all.


uh oh

i never talked to k last night, didnt want to anyway


football game tonight

football game tonight. will have to talk to K. am scared, send help. also i drew a perfect trollface.


update on k

was talking with k over email, we are going to talk about what happened on thursday, but she also is denying everything that happened last year. she claims i was using someones deadname and they complained to a couple of her friends. L has told me she ruined his life to, ill get into that later



well, i'm going to have to update you on some things before I start this blog. 11 months ago, my mom finally let me get discord, she just had to monitor it. shortly after, I joined my school discord server. It was run by R, also known as K's big sister. About a month later, i went to sleepover with my two best friends, L and C. we did some shopping, and when we got to L's house, L's mom left. L said he had something important to tell me and C, but he said he was thinking about not saying it because he thought I would judge him. After a while of arguing, me and C got him to say it. He gave us a long story about how he has had past experiences with rape. He said that this has encouraged him to become pansexual. Ok, I don't care. We decide to not make a big deal out of it and go into his room to hang out. Of course, C sparks a discussion on who we have crushes on. C does this a lot and we usually don't answer, but this time we did. Turns out me and L have a crush on the same girl. This girl is K. We both tell her and she likes L. I was a little upset but didn't care much. We spend the rest of our sleepover normally and we go to sleep. The next morning, we go to my house and L and C pretty much just sit on their phones the whole time. When I asked if they wanted to sleepover again at my house, they both said no and left. Later that night, I'm on my phone using Discord. I find a meme that shows a picture of scott the woz and the caption of "gay people are annoying". I thought it was pretty funny, so I shared it to the school discord server that I mentioned earlier. K was the first to mention that she believes I am very homophoic, transphobic, and racist. L agrees. I ask them for evidence and they provide. THeir first piece of evidence is that I don't like this trans man that I used to date. Yeah, I don't like him because he is so annoying. They don't believe this. They also said that I am transphobic because I don't find my LITERAL ONLINE BEST FRIEND, who is trans, attractive. Again, I say I just don't find them attractive, still don't believe me. Their third reason is that I said the n-word 2 years ago. Yeah, I was an edgelord back then, but that was a very long time ago. While 2 of my friends, B and A, are on my side, C is on L and K's side. So basically, I've just lost both of my best friends. After K breaks up with L shortly after, L and C are my friends again, but I need to change. At the time I had been starting to use twitter frequently. Even though I had a filthy frank clone youtube channel, i tried to be not offensive on twitter. after liking a meme made by some femboy, L looked in to the person and found they were 15, which was way older than me at the time. L says I should try to get with the femboy. I don't want to, but L says i should if i dont want people to hate me. after months of trying to get with the femboy. i do not succeed. but the femboy did send me nudes during this time even though i did not ask for them. well guess what, i share my frank channel with l, and i used that email to make my twitter. in other words, he has access to my twitter. he screenshots all the dms and sends them to the discord server. there is now a discussion on my morality and if i'm weird for trying to get with this femboy. Again, i cannot defend myself. Remember when I said that my mom checks my discord? guess she just didn't do it until now. She found out and ground me, and I am still grounded to this day. She tells all of my family, and alerts L's mom. this causes Lmom to look through L's computer and ground him too. Infuriated by being grounded, L tells the whole school that I dated a femboy. Well, I retaliate by telling the whole school he wears maid dresses, because at the time he did. That is pretty much it. Me and L and C are friends again, because K was still forcing L to be pan and all that stuff until June or so. I got grounded in March. I still have to deal with K and all her fiend's shit. I can't escape them, they follow me everywhere. I'm tired of it, it's driving me insane.


made the blog

i made this blog from the template, just wanted to document my life because it has sure had some ups and downs.


what phase is woulja in?